Stepper Motor Driver Series CW 250AC

We are pioneers in the production of exclusive range of Stepper Motor Driver Series CW 250AC. These products are passed through strict quality checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, optimum performance and longer working life. Our clients can obtain them at the industry leading prices from the domestic as well as overseas markets.

Characteristics :

  • Power Input Type 20~43VAC or 24~60VDC
  • Output Current 1.5-5A
  • Mircostep 1(1.8o)1/21/41/81/161/321/641/1281/256 1/101/251/401/501/1001/200
  • Protect form Overheated protect, lock automatic half current, error connect protect
  • Dimensions 150mm¡, 98mm¡, 45mm
  • Weight <600g.
  • Working Environment Temperature-1540Humidity<90%
  • I/O Ports
  • ACAC Power Positive Pole

Note : Must guard against exceeding 43VAC or 60VDC

  • A+A- Stepping motor one winding
  • B+B- Stepping motor other winding
  • CP +CP -Stepping pulse input+5V (Rising edge effective)
  • CW +CW-Stepping motor direction input,voltage level
  • EN+EN- motor